Easy Spicy Tofu With Honey and Garlic

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I decided to stop being afraid and made my own version of spicy honey garlic cubes. I love honey and spice so this was the perfect addition to my list of plant based meals. The truth is, I’d only been in contact with tofu in the bowls of miso soup I’ve enjoyed. However, leaning into plant based nutrition … Read More

Microgreens in Toronto + Video

The Leslieville Farmer’s Market in Toronto was jammed packed and the star of the day was microgreens. Thanks to Brandon and Michael and The Little Farm That Could for sharing their product with us. Microgreens are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to plant based living. Interested in having plant based meals delivered to you? Visit Splendid Spoon … Read More

Easy No Bake Strawberry Pie

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My house is a summer fruit house. It didn’t take long for strawberry pie to make its debut in our kitchen. June in New York City, means watermelon, peaches, cherries, blueberries and the ultimate fan favorite, strawberries. But of course, summer is the perfect time for everything from strawberry pancakes to strawberry mojitos and of course there’s always … Read More

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