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You Can Make This Easy Apple Cinnamon Loaf Cake


Apple is the one flavor that I can never walk away from. I love anything apple. This is true for everything from pie to cookies. Once fall begins, you can bet your last dollar that they are in my shopping cart.  Do you believe that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, the research doesn’t... Read More

Empanadas: Quick and Vegan Friendly with Tofu and Mushrooms


Empanadas are becoming a favorite for quick and easy meals for my family. Trying to please a picky eater? All you need is the dough. Sometimes they are sweet and filled with apples and cinnamon. The ones I made today are savory with tofu and mushrooms. What’s really fun about making these empanadas is that you can... Read More

How to Make Three Delicious Chickpea Recipes Including Hummus


Before I became a plant-based advocate, I’d never even thought about chickpeas. For months, they sat on a shelf behind the black beans. That is until I decided step outside of my comfort zone. Since then, I have had more chickpeas in the last two years than I ever thought possible. And that’s not a complaint. I... Read More

Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte for Saving Time and Money


Who knew that anyone would become addicted to pumpkin spice lattes?  For years, a latte was classic. Just a cup of espresso and steamed milk. A classic. But then pumpkin season came along and changed everything.  Well that’s not really true. The folks at Starbucks came along and changed the game. The legend is that the team... Read More

Taco Tuesday Swap with Tofu Makes it Meat Free


Was last Tuesday your final official Taco Tuesday night? Did you wake up on Wednesday promising to quit meat? Yes. I understand. After a summer of hot dogs, hamburgers and BBQ, lots of people choose to regroup. That means there is a new focus on adding more fruits, grains and veggies to their plates.  Maybe it’s the... Read More

Watermelon Strawberry Basil Salad for the Ultimate Summertime Chill


Watermelon is absolutely one of my all time favorite flavors. I love it in everything from grown up beverages to kid friendly treats. When thinking of hot childhood summers, every memory includes a flashback of the juicy redness. I remember when my friends in the south showed me how to add salt to it. I thought that... Read More

How to Make Roasted Carrots So Simple and Delicious


Roasted carrots are on my plate at least twice a week. I love how the heat of the oven brings out all of the flavor with very little effort. Before I started exploring plant-based nutrition, I was a shredded carrot girl. There would be just enough added to a salad to make it look interesting. Learning how... Read More

Make Salad Dressings That Taste Amazing and Not Boring


Salad dressing may be an afterthought in some households but not here. I start thinking about what goes on the greens before anything else. Let’s be honest. When you hear plant-based nutrition, doesn’t your mind fill with images of salad? Or how about images of rabbit food? I do eat a lot of greens but not without... Read More

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