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Agua Fresca is the New Summer Beverage to Know


Agua Fresca is exactly what it sounds like. Cool water or fresh water. And with summer temperatures gone wild, that is exactly what we need. What’s really cool (no pun intended-lol) is that you can make this refreshing drink with almost any fruit. I love the flexibility that comes from making agua fresca with whatever we have.... Read More

Simple Salmon Lettuce Wrap Recipe Great for Any Time!


Salmon lettuce wrap for breakfast? Who says you can’t start your day with protein and vegetables? I say go for it! That is exactly what this plant-based life is all about. We are breaking down the old school traditions. The first meal of the day can be more than just cereal and toast. These simple salmon lettuce... Read More

16 Best Last Minute Gifts for Dad From Amazon


Last minute gifts! I hope you find something you love. I have purchased quite a few of these items and I have curated this Father's Day list all by myself. FYI, Black Girls Eat is an Amazon influencer and may be compensated from links on this page. What to get for the guy who has everything? What... Read More

Avocado Ice Cream Pops Plant Based And Easy To Make


Avocado ice cream. Yep, my brain still can’t understand it. It’s like when I first heard back to the future. Huh? If you have been hanging out with me then you know my story. If we are just meeting, let me give you the quick rundown. I am on a plant-based journey. I am a plant-based advocate.... Read More

Plant-Based Cooking: How To Shop For Everything You Need


Plant-based cooking is not as hard as it sounds. It means that you are super focused on getting more nutrient rich foods on your plate. Once you decide that you want to add more fruits, grains and vegetables to your plate, it makes sense that you are shopping differently. What’s great about plant-based cooking is that you... Read More

Spicy Honey Garlic Tofu Made Easy And Budget Friendly


Spicy honey garlic tofu. Yeah baby! That is a mouthful. When I started leaning into plant-based nutrition, all I heard about was tofu. It was one of the first foods that everyone suggested that I try. The truth is, at first, I’d only been in contact with tofu in the bowls of miso soup I’ve enjoyed. Then... Read More

Tomato Cobbler: Made Easy With Fresh Tomatoes


Tomato cobbler is a savory cousin to the traditional sweet peach cobbler I make for the family. This time, tomatoes are the star. Why did I decide to make tomato cobbler? The honest truth is that we had too many tomatoes and I thought that they would spoil before we had a chance to eat them. I... Read More

Easy Plant-Based Protein Recipes You Can Make Today


Plant-based protein exists! People ask me all the time if they can get protein while choosing plant-based foods. My answer is of course! There are plenty of delicious and easy high protein plant-based recipes right here on the Black Girls Eat website. Many plant-based foods are delicious. You can mix it up with foods like beans, lentils,... Read More