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Butternut Squash Sauce Creamy, Fresh, and Easy to Make


Butternut squash sauce popped up in my life a few months ago. I was staring at several packages of bucatini pasta and looking for ideas. I don’t know about you but, I get bored from time to time. As I am exploring plant-based nutrition, I’m expanding my food vocabulary. In the past, butternut was a rock hard... Read More

Roasted Delicata Squash Made Fast and Easy


Delicata is just how it sounds. It’s delicate! Of all of the squash I have discovered in the past couple of years, this one is a fave. Once roasted, the hard outside becomes edible. Yes, I was shocked too! You can roast the whole squash and eat the whole squash. How awesome is that? Roasted delicata tastes... Read More

Roasted Mushrooms With Balsamic and Honey Made Easy


Roasted mushrooms did not make it to my plate until I was a full grown adult. As a kid, roasting anything was not really the norm. Our oven worked over-time on cake, cornbread and baked meats but never for vegetables. It sounds silly now but I don’t ever remember anyone being excited about turning the oven on... Read More

How to Make Sugar Cookies for an Anytime Sweet Treat


The very notion of making healthier food choices almost always cancels sweet treats like sugar cookies. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. I’m a real wife and mom with a real 11-year old. There are just times when we need and want a sweet treat. Full stop.  When I first learned about inflammation in... Read More

Pesto for Pasta Made With Simple Ingredients


Pesto came into my life at just the right time. Of course I had the yummy green stuff on my plate for years before I started making it. But when I began looking for ways to get more plants on my plate, pesto was a great choice. So let me say upfront that this pesto recipe is... Read More

Best Homemade Pancake Mix for the Ultimate Brunch


Homemade. Yup. The very word makes me think of my family. There was a time in my life when almost everything I bought was pre-packaged. I was the Queen of just add water and stir. Once I started leaning into a plant-based lifestyle, it changed the way I cooked. I started looking at ingredients. Then, I really... Read More

Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes Make The Perfect Colorful Side


Purple sweet potatoes are just beautiful. I grew up with white potatoes in my potato salad. The orange version ruled my childhood. It wasn’t until I was a full grown adult that I discovered the purple sweet potato. I’ve been getting groceries delivered for a while but last week I went out to shop. I always get... Read More

Breakfast Grits Made Fast, Yummy and Easy with Polenta


I grew up eating grits but I was not familiar with polenta. Not sure which is which? Polenta is made from yellow corn and white grits are made from, yep, you guessed it…white corn. Breakfast used to stress me out. At least that’s how I felt when I started leaning away from animal products. So first went... Read More

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