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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts To Save the Day or Night!


Valentine’s Day is one of the Big Kahunas of gift giving season. How much did we spend in 2022? 23.9 billion dollars! That’s a whole lot of expressions of love. Okay I’m sure there were other expressions as well. I’m thinking I love you, like you, need you, wanna know you, hope you like me too. Well... Read More

Caramel Popcorn: Dairy Free and Really Good!


Caramel popcorn is just one of those snacks that makes me smile. I’m always excited about learning how to make something new. I’ve eaten lots of caramel popcorn but never tried to make it at home. Made with simple ingredients, I swapped out traditional butter for a vegan butter. If you are leaning away from dairy products,... Read More

Plant-Based Mylks: The Best Guide for Newbies


Plant-based mylks have been popping up everywhere. Did you notice the spelling? Now you are one of the cool kids. Yes that’s the new way to describe a liquid made from nuts and plants. MYLK. Pretty cool huh? As a reminder, Veganuary is a great time to take a look at non-dairy alternatives. Why Are People Choosing... Read More

Veganuary: Five Things You Need To Know About It


Veganuary begins on January 1st. You can celebrate plant-based nutrition for the entire month. Sign me up. I’m in! Perfect timing after the food friendly holiday season. It’s been a good two months of eat, drink and be merry. So maybe this challenge is for you. You can pledge to try a vegan option daily. You can... Read More

Vegan Coquito To Bring The New Year In!


Vegan coquito is here to save the holiday! The yummy blend of coconut, milk and spices has been remixed and tastes as good as ever. I grew up in the Bronx surrounded by masters of the mix. When I tell you, the race to win the crown for the best coquito was a serious one. Pronounced, Koh-Kee-Toh,... Read More

Prosecco and Cranberries Bring The Best Holiday Cheer!


Prosecco is always welcome at our house. It’s the official sparkling wine of Italy and we enjoy it year round. When it comes to the holiday season, I like to create new looks and flavors for our guests. I went to a party and they served a glass of sparkling wine with cranberries and cranberry juice. It... Read More

Make Black Bean Soup with Just Four Simple Ingredients


Black bean soup was on my mind as soon as the temperature dipped below 32. I raced to the grocery store and I couldn’t believe my eyes. You can imagine my shock and surprise when I saw that one can cost $5.69. I’m not kidding. Okay it was an organic black bean soup but organic is usually... Read More

7 Thanksgiving Sides To Make This Holiday Extra Special


Thanksgiving can feel like the make or break holiday for your family. We eat all year long but the last Thursday in November is a moment! Just look at all of magazine covers in the supermarket. And what about all of the glossy images online? There is so much pressure to make food that is both delicious... Read More

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