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Sisters of the Valley Puff and Produce CBD Products


Sisters? Yeah, but expand your mind here. Yes they call each other sister. They wear habits. But some habits aren’t what you would expect. Based in Northern California, these women are running a business that promotes the healing aspects of CBD. Owner, Sister Kate is a former consultant and single mother of three. In 2009, she founded... Read More

How to Make Broccolini with Garlic and Lemon


Broccolini sounds like a cute baby broccoli. But it’s not. It is actually a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli. Chinese broccoli is also known as Gai Lan. I became a fan of Gai Lan after spending time at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. You might recall that those folks inspired me to create... Read More

Is Beyond Chicken Really a Kentucky Fried Miracle?


Beyond sausage, burgers and now Beyond Fried Chicken. Whoa! This week, chicken enthusiasts are being offered a new food product. It’s a Kentucky Fried Miracle. Well, miracle seems appropriate when you consider how the company got started. Who is Colonel Sanders? Colonel Harland Sanders learned to cook from his mama. In the 1930’s he began selling his... Read More

Mercedes-Benz Offers Smart Vegan Interiors in New Car


Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and success. Count on first class materials. Luxurious. No doubt. Lots of bells and whistles. Next level for sure. Celebrities, executives and entrepreneurs adore the Benz. The United States sales numbers for 2021 were over 300,00. The Vision EQXX was unveiled this month at the Consumer Electronics Show. The new car offers... Read More

Tasty Mocktail Beverages to Bring in the New Year!


Mocktail beverages and January seem to go hand in hands these days. It wasn’t until recently that I’d even heard the term Dry January. It sounds depressing right? I am not ever interested in detoxing the fun out of life. If I’m going to skip cocktails for a month, it has to be fun. Mocktails for a... Read More

Sidney Poitier Ultimate Icon and Legend Rests at 94


Sidney Poitier came into my life as Walter from the ground breaking play, Raisin in the Sun. It was life changing. I remember seeing Mr. Poitier on the screen in black and white and it seemed like he was in technicolor. I felt so much pain for the Walter character who only wanted a chance to be... Read More

Lasagna with Pesto and Cauliflower Make a Powerful Trio


Lasagna with pesto and cauliflower is a mouthful and well worth all of the vocabulary words. This is one must make plant forward dish. Thanks to guest blogger, Leslie Segar aka Big Lez, we have the full recipe for one of her favorite dishes. If you are looking for more ways to add veggies to your plate,... Read More

Polenta Made Easy Pan Fried with Onions and Tomatoes


Polenta. I like saying the word. PO-lenta sounds like poor lentils. Not too far fetched since this was originally a dish for the poor. This included the working class and farmers. Known as Italian grits, and made popular in Northern Italy, you can now find them around the world.  Traditional polenta can cook slowly and for a... Read More

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