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Mexican Street Corn: Make It Quick and Easy


I first experienced Mexican street corn as a child at a food festival in the south Bronx. Dozens of people young and old waited on line. There were rows and rows of ears of corn spinning all at once on a huge grill. By the time I had the first one in my hand and of course... Read More

Easy Kale Salad With Rainbow Chard and a Yummy Dressing


Kale used to be the dark leafy green found around salad bars and on platters as decoration for the “real food.” Today, it’s all about kale. It’s everywhere. For me, it feels like kale burst through the land of leafy lettuces like Dani headed for the Iron Throne. If you didn’t watch Game of Thrones then let... Read More

Italian Breakfast Cake For An Amazing Father’s Day Brunch


Cake for breakfast? Of course there is story behind how and why I chose to make an Italian breakfast cake. It was all about the mascarpone. We found it in the back of the fridge after a no bake cheesecake Zoom party. You know how it goes. The kids couldn’t get together in person so the parents... Read More

Make Creamy Lemonade Simple And Easy This Summer


Creamy Lemonade is all the rage on Tik Tok these days. Not that I would know based on the amount of times I have opened the app. I heard all about it from my ten year old. She is my guide to all things interesting and new on social media. Yes, there is an account for Black... Read More

The Ultimate Belgian Style Waffles Home Made And Good!


Why Organic Waffles? I love a weekend brunch with home made Belgian style waffles. I love to eat them even when it’s not the weekend. They are larger and offer deeper pockets than traditional waffles. That makes them perfect for holding onto maple syrup and fruit. Like a good pizza, good waffles come from a good mix.... Read More

Great Plant Based Sides And Desserts To Make MDW!


Plant-based and Memorial Weekend go together like sunshine and lemonade. Bet you never thought you would see those two ideas together! Don’t panic. Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer. There will be lots of burgers and hotdogs on the grills. Roll your eyes as your neighbors make a big deal out of getting... Read More

Avocado Ice Cream Pops Plant Based And Easy To Make


Avocado ice cream. Yep, my brain still can’t understand it. It’s like when I first heard back to the future. Huh? If you have been hanging out with me then you know my story. If we are just meeting, let me give you the quick rundown. I am on a plant-based journey. I am a plant-based advocate.... Read More

Planting A Garden Took Self Care To New Level


Self care is more than just a buzz word these days. Before the pandemic, I had boundaries. Way back in 2019, we had rules about screen time. The day ended at five and weekends were meant for family activities. I made spa appointments and nights out with my girlfriends were always on the agenda. Since being locked... Read More

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