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7 Thanksgiving Sides To Make This Holiday Extra Special


Thanksgiving can feel like the make or break holiday for your family. We eat all year long but the last Thursday in November is a moment! Just look at all of magazine covers in the supermarket. And what about all of the glossy images online? There is so much pressure to make food that is both delicious... Read More

Easy Vegan Collard Greens For Your Happy Holiday Table


Collard greens are one of the soul food dishes that you could get famous for if done right. And if it is done wrong–it is all the way wrong! Those that manage to season and cook down a delicious pot of greens for family gatherings will have guests show up early with a to-go plate in their... Read More

Honeynut Squash Pasta Is The Way To Go!


Honeynut squash is one of the newest veggies to land on my plate. Over the past few years, I’ve made a real effort to learn more about squash. Long gone are the days of ignoring them at the market. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. I have embraced Roasted Delicata Squash. I learned to... Read More

Vegan Hummus Board Make It Easy With 5 Ingredients


Vegan hummus board sounds like some kind of transportation. You might not be able to travel on it but it’s worth the effort. This one is made with just five ingredients. What’s cool about making a vegan hummus board is that you call the shots. Whatever veggies you have at the ready are perfect. It’s a versatile... Read More

Five Plant-Based Breakfast Toast Ideas Make The Morning Great!


Plant-based breakfast is a pain point for a lot of people. After a lifetime of bowls of cereal, I understand. Just a few years ago, I had no problem grabbing a bacon, egg and cheese on the way to the office. But things have changed. Leaning away from animal products means leaning into toast! No matter what... Read More

Make These Pumpkin Cookies For A Fall Fantastic Treat


Pumpkins cookies make fall really fall. I mean come on. Nothing says after-school in October like a pumpkin cookie! And let’s not forget that the spiced pumpkin latte is also right up there with pumpkin cookies. I recently discovered a sale on pumpkin puree at the market and came home with one thing on my mind. Yes,... Read More

Outstanding Vegan Pepper Jack Melt with Spinach and Peppers


Pepper jack cheese was always one of my faves. I truly loved the combination of spices. It was always like a nice surprise in my sandwich. This was especially true whenever I made a grilled cheese sandwich or if I melted it on a bagel. Those were the good old days. I was a cheesaholic so taking... Read More

Tostones: How to Make Them the Right Way


Tostones bring back so many memories of my childhood in the Bronx. I first discovered these fried crispy treats as an 11 year old. I used to visit my friend Elena and no matter what the meal, tostones were on the table. Her family was from the Dominican Republic. She told me that a meal was not... Read More

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