Simple Salmon Lettuce Wrap Recipe Great for Any Time!

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Salmon lettuce wrap for breakfast? Who says you can’t start your day with protein and vegetables? I say go for it! That is exactly what this plant-based life is all about. We are breaking down the old school traditions. The first meal of the day can be more than just cereal and toast. These simple salmon lettuce wraps are perfect to grab and go in the morning. Of course they also work great for lunch and dinner.

Some Benefits of Salmon

If you are pursuing a plant-based lifestyle and still enjoying proteins, then salmon might just be what you are looking for. A 3.5 oz serving of salmon offers more than 20 grams of protein. Protein is key because it helps us build strong bones and muscles. The protein in salmon can also help us feel satisfied so that we aren’t so hungry immediately after eating. Curious about other healthy benefits from salmon? Check out some more notes below:

  • Salmon is rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Count on them to help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and decrease risk factors for chronic disease.
  • Get your vitamin B on! Salmon is an excellent source of B vitamins. We them need to produce energy and to support heart and brain health.
  • K is for Potassium. Salmon offers a good amount of potassium which helps manage blood pressure and prevents excess fluid retention.

Why Make the Move to Lettuce Wraps?

I don’t know about you but I get bored easily. I can’t tell you the number of ways I’ve used a tortilla to wrap up a meal. Making these salmon wraps with lettuce was such a refreshing change. The lettuce held the fish properly and it didn’t fall apart after I added a few toppings. I used Butter Lettuce but you can also try cabbage or romaine for a bit of extra crunch.

Wrapping the fish in lettuce is also a great way to add more plants to your plate. I pumped up the volume of my wraps by also adding peppers and onions. This is perfect summer dish as lettuce is hydrating and offers 95% of water. And let’s not forget that we are always grateful for the anti-oxidant properties of peppers and onions.

Tips For a Simple Salmon Wrap

Go Pan Seared

You can easily pan sear the salmon on the stove. All you need is a good fry pan and a spot of cooking spray or oil if you aren’t removing oils from your diet. Make sure it’s hot and add the fish skin side up for about 5 minutes or until crispy. Flip it over for another 2-3 minutes.

And How About That Air Fryer?

Yep. You can absolutely cook your salmon in your air fryer. It cooks fast and although I’m no good at it, I hear that air fryers are the bomb!

Oven Roasted Works Too

Don’t over do it in the oven. I used to be very insecure about making salmon so for years it always came out dry and/or hard as a rock! 425 degrees is hot and 10-12 minutes should do the trick. Use parchment paper, non-stick foil or silicone mats to keep the fish from sticking.

Dry Seasoning or Marinated

Let’s not forget to make it flavorful. I first made these wraps with pineapple and citrus spices. You can make your own blend of spices and rub it into your fish. You can also choose to marinate your salmon in a simple solution of lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. Hey…if you have a favorite sauce in the fridge–try it as a marinade. It’s really up to you to choose the flavor zones that make you happy. In case you missed it, check out the Instagram reel.

LA Dunn is a plant-based advocate who is always on the look out for fun and new ways to put more plants on her plate. She is also deep in the middle of studying to become a nutritionist and looking forward to becoming certified! Want to stay connected?

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