Trending Water Bottles Make It Easy To Mind Your Business

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Drink water and mind my business is more than just a hot song. Water bottles are trending as must have items for everyone. In my house, we have a cabinet full of them. There are glass ones, aluminum ones and plastic ones. Some of them have logos imprinted on them and some are generic. In truth, we are not sure why we have so many. We really need just one!

Do We Need More Than Two Water Bottles?

Okay maybe we need two. One that stays on your desk at work and one for the lunch bag! Lol. Water is so essential to our bodies. Did you know that you can survive about a month without food but only 2-4 days without water? Even the most basic of water bottles keeps us from being thirsty, dizzy and far away from organ failure.

List of benefits of water next to a glass of water

Just how many water bottles do we need to refill daily? It is suggested that you drink half of your body weight in water daily. Consider a variety of teas and flavored waters count as well. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor or nutritionist to find out what works best for you.

Suggestions for Water Intake

Keeping those two bottles of water in your life should keep you hydrated. Need suggestions for when to drink water? How about the following?:

  • Before a meal
  • With a meal
  • Before bed
  • Upon waking up
  • Before, During and After a Workout

You Can Also Eat Your Water

You can’t squeeze a salad into your water bottles (can you?) but you can add fruits and veggies to your plate to add more water to your life. Check out these drench worthy recipes from the Black Girls Eat website.

Yes, without further ado. Here’s what’s trending in the world of water bottles. Of course, you can grab them all at the Black Girls Eat Shop on Amazon.

The Stanley: Typically marketed to the hard core outdoor enthusiast, these water bottles made it into the hearts and minds of middle schoolers all over NYC. My 13 year old won’t leave home without hers which keeps her hydrated all through after-school dance classes. Stanley on Amazon.

Cirkul: Designed to satisfy the wandering tastebud, these water bottles come with a variety of flavor cartridges. Feeling like lemon today? Strawberry tomorrow? The choice is yours. Cirkul on Amazon.

Owala: Easily the prettiest of the bunch, I love the color-blocked pattern and how sleek the bottle is. Not mad at the Harry Potter versions either. Owala on Amazon.

Contigo: We first discovered these water bottles at Costco. Hands down one of the hardest working bottles around. They feel strong and confident in your hands. Lots of great colors to choose from. Contigo on Amazon.

Not Really a Water Bottle Per Se

Path: Not the same as the other water bottles. Path offers alkaline, still, sparkling water and sparkling flavored water. Shout out to the team at the Edition Hotel in Tampa for allowing hubby and I to be the first to try it. The aluminum bottle is meant to be recycled through eternity. Path on Amazon.

LA Dunn is a plant-based advocate who is having fun making recommendations and earning commission at the new Black Girls Eat Shop on Amazon. She is also drinking plenty of water and minding her business! Don’t know the song? Check out the video HERE!

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