Watermelon Strawberry Basil Salad for the Ultimate Summertime Chill

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Watermelon is absolutely one of my all time favorite flavors. I love it in everything from grown up beverages to kid friendly treats. When thinking of hot childhood summers, every memory includes a flashback of the juicy redness. I remember when my friends in the south showed me how to add salt to it. I thought that was the weirdest thing but you know what? It did bring out the flavor and I swear it was even juicer. If you are watching your salt, forget what I just said though. Lol.

Watermelon Is Filled With- Yep…Water!

It may sound obvious but it is worth pointing out that watermelon is 91% water. Feeling dehydrated? Grab a slice and quench your thirst. A slice of watermelon is a wonderful alternative to a glass of water. I say this because I’ve just gotten bored. It doesn’t matter if I add lemon, mint or cucumber. Glass after glass of water is never as much fun as this summertime classic.

Adding Fruit to Salad is the Way to Go!

When I started looking for other ways to stay hydrated, I started with fruit. Did you know that strawberries are about 91-92% water? Spinach is 92% water. Putting watermelon, strawberries and spinach together made so much sense to me! The fruit took my salad in a different direction.

My family loves this watermelon strawberry basil salad. We also love the fact that we have been growing basil in our garden. It’s so much fun to run down the driveway to grab a handful. The basil is an unexpected surprise in this salad. I top it off with a yummy honey, lime and cilantro dressing. So go ahead and cool off this summer with this easy but oh so juicy salad.

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