Make Salad Dressings That Taste Amazing and Not Boring

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Salad dressing may be an afterthought in some households but not here. I start thinking about what goes on the greens before anything else. Let’s be honest. When you hear plant-based nutrition, doesn’t your mind fill with images of salad? Or how about images of rabbit food? I do eat a lot of greens but not without some amazing dressings that keep me from falling asleep in my plate.

Fresh veggies washed and ready for salad dressing
Fresh Veggies

Salad Dressings From My Childhood

When I grew up, there were always two bottles in the fridge. There was the orange colored French one and the oily translucent Italian flavored one. I wince at the thought now but hey, you live and you learn. The idea of making my own dressing never crossed my mind. That didn’t happen until I started reading labels and realized that I could manage the salt and sugar content of my dressings.

Various salad dressings in mason jars
Salad Dressing Keep You From Being Bored

Wake Up Your Leafy Greens

The cool thing about making your own is that you are in control. First, you are in control of the kinds of greens in your salad. I like to mix it up with a combination greens that go from arugula to kale to spinach. The real fun comes from making something that you love just for you. Adding more salads to your life does not mean you are doomed to a life of boredom. This easy balsamic vinaigrette is the very first one I ever made for myself two years ago and I’m still making it.

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