How to Make Your First Awesome Vegan Easter Dinner

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There was a time when Easter meant a feast of meats. We decked out our annual dinner table with ham, roasted chicken and lamb chops. We were carnivores and the more meat dripping in butters, sugars and gravies the better. But things are different now. We don’t cook that way any more. When I started leaning into a whole foods plant based diet, I took everyone in the house with me. It was not a slow burn for us. I pulled the plug without warning.

Getting to Vegan is a Goal

When I cook for the family, I strive to put as many fruits, veggies and grains on their plates as I can. It’s not perfect. Our 10 year old is not giving up pizza anytime soon. On a positive note, she is willing to try some of the vegan cheese products now available to us. So there’s hope. My husband has moved away from meats to support me. That’s impressive because he loves to grill and loves a great BBQ. We still enjoy seafood but we are miles away from where we used to be. We take it one day at a time and do the best we can.

Remixing Easter Dinner

Before I took the plunge, I would eat a mostly vegetarian diet until the holidays came around. The holidays were a big challenge because I was so used to eating all of the same foods that I’d grown up with. As a result, I was plant focused from January through March and then Easter came. I would focus from April to June and then the Fourth of July showed up. And of course, it was all good from August through November until Thanksgiving and Christmas came around. What a merry go round it was! The good news is that I am learning about all of the wonderful ways to make really tasty plant-based meals all year long. This year will be the first time we make a completely vegan Easter dinner and I am excited about the menu.

Cheese Free Lasagne

This recipe says goodbye to mozzarella and ricotta cheese. When I first made this dish, I cried like Usher when he said you have to let it Burn. It was a tearful break up but I made it through by meeting a new food Baes. I use Violife mozzarella shreds along with vegan ricotta made with almonds from Kitehill and green lentil lasagne noodles by Explore Cuisine.

Cheese Free Lasagne
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Really wanna work this out

But I don’t think you’re gonna change

I do but you don’t think it’s best we go our separate ways

— Usher Raymond

More Easter Dinner Ideas

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The cheese free lasagne will be the star of your Easter dinner but that doesn’t mean it won’t need a supporting cast. Check out the recipes below for more plant-based options to complete your Easter dinner feast. And did you notice that there’s dessert?

LA Dunn is a plant-based advocate who will be creating an adult version of the Easter Egg hunt and there will be wine. The wine may or may not be vegan! If you have twenty minutes, listen to an episode of The Black Girls Eat Podcast and sign up below to stay connected.

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