Noodles Make Lunchtime Easy with Garlic and Ginger

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Noodles are so much fun. They compliment sauces and broths. Don’t you just love how perfect they are in a bowl filled with spices? Are you a chopstick fan? Do you make it happen with just a fork?

It doesn’t really matter. A bowl of noodles is perfect on a cold winter day and a hot summer night. We can thank Jenny The Pint-Sized Vegan for her contribution to the Black Girls Eat website. It’s the last day of Veganuary and her recipe is right on time.

Make spicy garlic ginger noodles in minutes. The PSV was kind enough to provide a simple version to get you going. No fancy ingredients or tricky steps. Just a simple but spicy sauce designed to pour, mix and enjoy. When looking for a vegan meal, this one is really easy.

What Kind of Noodles Work Best?

For this recipe, I recommend ramen or rice. Ramen noodles originated in China. They are made of wheat flour. Rice noodles are made of rice flour. They are usually flat. When shopping for noodles, check out the pasta aisle. You can also find them online and in the specialty aisle in the supermarket.

I do cook healthy when I can, but my favorite ones are comfort food, particularly with Asian food.

Jenny, The Pint-Sized Vegan

A Note to Remember

According to Jenny, you can make this recipe allergy friendly by swapping peanut butter for sun butter. Swap out soy sauce for coconut aminos. You can even add your favorite veggies and other proteins for a more robust meal. The goal is to make a bowl of goodness that you are happy with.

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