Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes Make The Perfect Colorful Side

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Purple sweet potatoes are just beautiful. I grew up with white potatoes in my potato salad. The orange version ruled my childhood. It wasn’t until I was a full grown adult that I discovered the purple sweet potato.

I’ve been getting groceries delivered for a while but last week I went out to shop. I always get excited in the produce aisle. It’s true, I’m mostly excited about finding something new to cook. I bumped into a mountain of Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes in the produce aisle. I am not getting paid to write this post but I thought it was important that I let you know that these potatoes have a brand name!

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Are Purple Sweet Potatoes Good For You?

The purple sweet potatoes have such a rich and deep color. Just like blueberries, they contain anthocyanin antioxidants. Some say, foods in this category are the magic pill in the fight for better health. This includes fighting inflammation, supporting a healthy immune system, beating heart disease and even cancer.

Typically available from September through April, purple sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber. They offer more vitamin C than the orange sweet potato. Save this page and check out this list of fruits, veggies, grains and beans that pack a powerful antioxidant punch.


Acai berries


Black raspberries

Blue corn


Concord grapes


Plums (skin)


Red currants

Tart cherries


Black beans

Black soybeans


Black rice


Eggplant (skin)

Red cabbage

Red onions


Trio of Purple Sweet Potatoes: Mashed, Roasted and Chips
Purple Sweet Potatoes: Mashed, Roasted and Chips

Mashed, Roasted and Even Potato Chips

I had a lot of fun with these purple potatoes. This mashed recipe just requires potatoes and oat milk. I added a little salt, pepper and garlic powder. The color on the plate was amazing. The flavor in my belly was awesome. I had some potatoes left over so I decide to roast some. My daughter was hanging around the kitchen so I also decided to make some purple sweet potato chips for her. I never miss a moment to make a healthy and simple snack for my baby.

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