Our Top Five After School Snacks Found at Costco

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After school is that block of time between pickup and putting our key in the door. Depending on NYC traffic, that can take up to an hour. When our daughter was younger, you could satisfy her with a juice box and a handful of saltines. Those days are over. She is growing up and as a result, she has her own ideas around what makes for a great after school snack.

After much consideration, we decided to take our daughter shopping for after school snacks. We announced it with great fanfare. She was very excited about the idea of shopping just for her. The truth is, we had run out of ideas and thought that getting her input was the best way to go. 

Will She Choose Healthy After School Snacks?

And guess what? It wasn’t easy for me for me to do. She knows how to make healthy food choices. But still, I was worried that she would fill the cart with junk food. She proved me wrong. It turns out that what she wanted for after school snacks was not horrible at all. 

We had fun watching her run through the aisles and even more fun later as she packed her own after snacks in her book bag. This was hands down one of our favorite parent moments. We felt good about her choices and she felt great about being given the opportunity to decide for herself. Check out her shopping list below. 

Seaweed Chips

A bag of seaweed chips for after school snack
Costco’s Kirkland Signature Seaweed Snack

I don’t know how she found out about them. We never bought them for her. But it doesn’t matter. Great news! Seaweed chips are a good source of fiber and they offer a variety of nutrients including, iodine, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. So we are happy to let her crunch away after school knowing that she is also getting vitamins A, B and E too! 

Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles
Make ramen your own with veggies and other seasonings

When I was in college, I ate Ramen before and after school. I cringed when my daughter reached for the box at Costco. They have way too much sodium in the seasonings. She actually was more interested in the noodles than the flavor packet. So we let her get it as long as she agreed on a comprise. We skip the seasonings that come in the packet and add veggies and seasonings like garlic and cumin to make it our own.

Empanada Discs

A plate of empanadas
Empanadas are easy to make and easy to eat!

We have been obsessed with making empanadas this year. I am thrilled because I don’t have to make the dough. They come frozen and all you have to do is defrost them and you are good to go. They make a perfect after school snack because you can stuff them, bake them and freeze them. We have made them with tofu and mushrooms. We have made them with yellow rice and black beans. If you are looking for a sweet treat, try them with apples and cinnamon. 

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges for an after school snack
Mandarin oranges are small enough for the book bag and easy to eat on the go!

Not sure why but our daughter loves these small oranges.  I think she thinks they are cute. We don’t mind because getting vitamin c is always a priority.  They are also a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Mandarin oranges are a perfect after school snack that fits easily in her book bag and in the palm of her hand. 

Organic Blueberries

A bag of blueberries for an after school snack
Blueberries are 85% water!

We love blueberries so this choice is actually one that the whole family was excited about. Blueberries are powerful anti-oxidants and are about 85% water which is great for after school hydration. They pack well and are easy to travel with.  Sometimes, I make a little parfait for her using yogurt and a dash of honey. 

Check out the recipes below and make after school another great opportunity to eat well, feel well and live well!

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