Organic Waffles and Berries + Video

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Why Organic Waffles?

I love a weekend with home made organic waffles and berries. Like a good pizza, good waffles come from a good mix. I thank Abel James for influencing this recipe. His book, The Wild Diet, opened my eyes. As a result, I’ve been moving away from processed foods and moving toward whole foods mostly because I am battling inflammation and body pain. My body might be reacting to additives and enriched products. Today, I am intentional about looking for food and ingredients that have not been broken down or processed.

Add Water And Stir?

I have been on a food journey for the two years. I grew up in the Bronx with very little access to healthy foods or food choices. Our version of waffle mix came from a box that sat on top of the refrigerator. You just had to add water and stir! Thanks to online shopping and companies like Thrive Market, your zip code no longer means that you don’t have access to foods and ingredients that are better for you and your loved ones. Have fun with this recipe and make it your own! Don’t forget that August 24th is International Waffle Day!

Organic Waffles and Berries

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