Cheese Free Quesadilla Made With White Beans and Avocado

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Making a cheese free quesadilla may sound a little strange. If you love cheese, it may sound outright insane. Before I started leaning away from dairy products, a quesadilla without cheese would have been unheard of. But I’m a plant-based girl in a plant-based world so now anything is possible!

There are many theories about the word quesadilla. Some say that it comes from the blend of the words queso (cheese) and tortilla. Others say it means “little cheesy thing.” I don’t know which is true but like most, I have never been served one without some kind of cheese. When I first found this recipe, I was suspicious of the cheese free status but I was not disappointed.

cheese free quesadillas with peppers and onions on a plate

If you love the taste of tortilla, then you might just enjoy this recipe. The filling has zero dairy but all of the flavor. Thanks to Dr. Neal Bernard for another easy, tasty and cheese free recipe. I love that this cheese free version gives me a chance to use the beans in my pantry. I also love that it uses avocado which provides the creaminess I might have missed from cheese.

Quesadilla vs. Empanada vs. Taco

For me, the difference between a quesadilla, an empanada and a taco are like the differences we find in pasta. There’s spaghetti, linguini and bucatini. All in a long shape, all pasta but different right? Okay so before we get into the cheese free recipe, let’s be clear about who contributed what. The quesadilla and taco originated in Mexico. The empanada comes to us from Spain and Portugal.

So Cheese Free? It’s A Thing?

Yes it is a thing! This recipe is proof that as long as you have two tortillas, you can make a quesadilla. Once you add your cheese free filling, you fry it on both sides and let the fun begin. I topped my quesadillas with sautéd peppers and onions. You can try salsa, avocado or maybe even guacamole. Have fun with this one and enjoy your cheese free but yummy quesadillas!

woman holding a tortilla in front of her

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