Breakfast Grits Made Fast, Yummy and Easy with Polenta

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I grew up eating grits but I was not familiar with polenta. Not sure which is which? Polenta is made from yellow corn and white grits are made from, yep, you guessed it…white corn.

Breakfast used to stress me out. At least that’s how I felt when I started leaning away from animal products. So first went the bacon and sausage. Then I let go of scrambled eggs. Eventually, I learned that meat and dairy were the main cause of my aches and pains. Breakfast got really different.  But there was always room for grits.

woman adding polenta and vegetables to a plate
Breakfast is fast, easy and delicious!

Remixing My Plate

I should back up and tell you why I started remixing my plate. A trip to the doctor revealed that I had a lot of inflammation in my body. After months of not feeling well, I started researching plant-based nutrition. I took a few courses and learned that meat and dairy were high on the list of culprits. I wondered what I would feel like if I changed the way I started my day. Breakfast took the hit first. And my bowl of grits looked lonely.

One of the key concepts that I had to let go of was the word breakfast itself. I had to shake images of cheese eggs, bacon and sausage out of my head. Once I did that, I realized that I could have whatever I wanted for my first meal. Spinach and mushroom salad for breakfast? Grits with roasted carrots and chickpeas? Sure. Why not?

woman pouring yellow corn grits into bowl
Polenta is Yellow Corn Grits

Grits and Veggies for Breakfast

That’s why I’m sharing a recipe for easy breakfast polenta. As a plant-based advocate, I’m always looking for more ways to get plants on my plate. A breakfast bowl of yellow corn grits with onions, peppers and mushrooms is a perfect way to start a plant-based day. 

bowl of polenta, mushrooms, peppers and onions

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