Roasted Delicata Squash Made Fast and Easy

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Delicata is just how it sounds. It’s delicate! Of all of the squash I have discovered in the past couple of years, this one is a fave. Once roasted, the hard outside becomes edible. Yes, I was shocked too! You can roast the whole squash and eat the whole squash. How awesome is that?

Roasted delicata tastes sweet and nutty. It is classified as a winter squash which for me on the East Coast means it’s available from around September through early winter. I’m not really sure if that’s completely true because I picked these lovelies up in April. If you are lucky enough to find a few of these, grab a couple and get ready for a brand new treat. 

Roasted Delicata Squash
Roasted Delicata Squash

Getting to Know Delicata

You can recognize the delicata because it has an oblong shape. They are warm white and yellowish with green stripes. They really stand out in the produce section. I have gone from ignoring delicata at the farmer’s market to being addicted to them. Lately, I have really been on a mission when it comes to squash. Adding squash to my diet has definitely increased the amount of veggies on my plate.

For years, I would walk past all squash at the farmers market. I can’t imagine doing that now. Delicata squash is the perfect compliment to any meal. You can add them to salads or eat them alone. Delicata offers a powerhouse of potassium. It’s also a great source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. And guess what? You can eat the skin! Oh yeah…I said that already. 

Mom and Daughter with a table of vegetables
Mommy Daughter Time in the Kitchen

Here are some cool ways to enjoy delicata squash from around the web:

Roasted delicata is simple. I add a maple syrup and dried thyme. Try my recipe and then make it your own with your favorite seasonings.

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