Liquid Gold Olive Oil Available Now from Rockstar Kelis

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Liquid Gold Olive Oil. I love the sound of those words together. It just makes me feel like something magic is about to happen. In this case, the magic comes in the form of an organic golden olive oil. Olive oil is one of those condiments that make me think of great bread, good food and good times. 

Rock star turned farmer, Kelis Rogers recently released a new olive oil from her Bounty and Full line of products. Okay I’ll wait until you realize that I said farmer. I know right? When the world spun into a global pandemic, Kelis and her family packed up and moved to a farm just outside of San Diego.

Bounty Farms Liquid Gold Olive Oil
Photo: Bounty and Full Website

The Vision for Bounty and Full

The vision for Bounty and Full came after Kelis spent time traveling the globe. Along the way she  became a full fledged saucier with credentials from Le Cordon Bleu. The website offers a variety of products from skincare to teas to jewelry.  I am personally excited about the all vegan sweet-potato pumpkin cheesecake. 

I fell in love with sauces because they define who we are as people-culture, ethical, character

Recording Artist Turned Farmer, Kelis

Olive Oil: Heart Healthy or Nah?

The new extra virgin olive oil is made with olives grown on the property and hand-picked.  The website claims that the olives are not manhandled and the product offers a bold and fruity start with a peppery finish. 

Extra virgin olive oil provides a powerhouse of healthy fats and may aid in reducing inflammation and heart disease. The golden elixir is also a great source of vitamins E and K. But there are those in the food community who say skip all oils no matter what. There is evidence that oils can damage blood vessels and clog arteries. 

Front Cover of Kelis' Cookbook My Life on a Plate
Photo: Bounty and Full Facebook Page

You have to make your own decision about using olive oil. Is it heart healthy? It depends on who you ask. In the meantime, let’s celebrate Kelis and her new venture. Check out the Bounty and Full website to learn more. Pick up a copy of her cookbook, My Life on a Plate to explore recipes curated by Kelis from around the world.

Here are some interesting uses of Olive Oil from around the web:

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