Make Creamy Lemonade Simple And Easy This Summer-Updated!

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Creamy lemonade was all the rage on Tik Tok in summer 2021. It is still on the list of summer must haves in 2022. The recipe is really easy. I made some creamy lemonade and added it to ice cube trays and even popsicle molds. I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck!

Creamy Lemonade in a mason jar on a chalk tablet with the words creamy lemonade written out.

Keep Cool With Creamy Lemonade

The temperature is rising all across the country. Is it any wonder that we are all looking for ways to keep cool? Lemonade is one of the easiest beverages to make on the planet. If you have water, lemons and some kind of sweetner, you are in luck. So why creamy lemonade? As far as I can tell, we all enjoy making things up just for the heck of it. But I’m all in. I am not ashamed to say that I made the viral baked feta cheese pasta and tried my hand at more food crazes than I care to mention. It’s all good. I am always trying to remix my plate and I am an influencer who can also at times be influenced.

But Can I Make It Vegan?

So although I am not vegan, I am avoiding dairy for the most part. I am fighting the war against inflammation which is how I started leaning into plant-based nutrition in the first place. The original version of creamy lemonade requires sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice. After a short search, I learned that you can actually buy vegan condensed milk online. I didn’t have time to order it because I started writing this blog post and it just sounded like such a great idea. So I went back online and discovered that you can make your own vegan condensed milk by heating up coconut milk and sugar.

New Non-Dairy Options Available In The Store!

I was recently invited to share a recipe for Black Girl Beach Day. BGBD is a full take over at Atlantic City in July and I am here for it. I decided to make creamy lemonade for our IG Live. While I was shopping, I found two non-dairy options that had not been on the shelves before. I purchased condensed coconut milk as well as condensed oat milk. If you are moving away from dairy, these are two great options.

Make Creamy Lemonade Shots

Alcohol and sugar are not exactly a power combination for me but sometimes I make up drinks just for my family to enjoy. When I finished making the first batch of creamy lemonade, I realized that it might taste really good with lemon flavored rum. I was correct. A generous amount of rum added to the mixture took it to the next level. I love a flexible drink. Make the original version for the kids and those seeking non-alcoholic beverages. Make the creamy lemonade shots for those looking for a little something extra.

Creamy Lemonade in shot glasses with lemon flavored rum added
Creamy Lemonade and Lemon Flavored Rum

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