Vegan Halloween Candy On Your List? Yes! Ours Too!

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Vegan Halloween candies are hiding in plain site. Looking for candies that don’t contain animal products? We were too! Still want a little sweet treat for you and the kiddos? We’ve got you covered. No gelatin, diary or eggs in any of these candies.

This list of Vegan Halloween candies includes some of the old school and a little bit of new school. You might just be surprised to see what makes the list.

Vegan Halloween Candies Is Not A New Thing

Long before vegan halloween candies became a thing, we were enjoying them. There are way more labels now. Companies are taking advantage of a new consumer who is more label aware than maybe just a few years ago. So with a little re-branding and a little hocus pocus, vegan halloween candies are getting lots of marketing and promotion.

The candy industry is a billion dollar industry. They know all the unique and sometimes tricky ways to get animal products into your sweet treat. Check out some of the interesting moves made by the candy industry:

  • Using crushed beetles to get to a red colored candy
  • Using gelatin which is the connective tissues found in pigs, fish and cows for consistency
  • Using shellac from the lac bug to make the hard outer shell of candy

Grossed out enough? So let’s get to it my top fave list of totally awesome vegan halloween candies.


If you know me then you know I could not have made it out of college without Twizzlers. If you really know me then you know I have some in my bag right now!

Jolly Ranchers

Yep…never mad at a good old Jolly Rancher. Favorite flavor? Sour Apple.

Swedish Fish

What? Did you know that Swedish Fish are made with lingonberries? You can find these red berry plants in of Sweden course!

Oreo Cookies (Regular and Mini)

Okay okay. Not a candy but had to put this cookie on the list of vegan Halloween candy. There’s zero dairy in this old school favorite. Lol.


Oh how I loved these candies as a kid. We wore the Smarties bracelets and the necklaces. So funny when I think about all of the sticky arms and necks.

Katjes: My New Favorite Vegan Halloween Candy

I discovered these tasty plant-based gummy candies earlier this year and I’m hooked. So flavorful and made without any animal gelatin, palm oil or high fructose corn syrup. Pronounced Kaht, yes. It seems the founder used to make licorice cats and called them Katjes which is Dutch for cats. Great story. Great product.

Bag of Katjes Gummies, a Vegan Halloween Candy

Old School Vegan Halloween Candy Going New School

If you have decided to skip the dairy this Halloween, you are in luck. Some of our faves have ditched the dairy in favor of Oat Milk. So now these classics make the cut on the Vegan Halloween Candy list.

Reese’s Plant-Based Peanut Butter Cups

I’m a huge fan of that show The Food That Built America. Did you know that the guy who created Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups used to work for Hershey? Yep! Apparently, he would sell his chocolate to all of the employees. Now that’s bold. What’s also bold is the companies decision to use oat milk this year. The new product launched earlier this spring.

Oat Milk Hershey Bar

Did you know that Mr. Hershey bought Mr. Reese’s company? Too funny. You can now add the Oat Milk Hershey Bar to the list of Vegan Halloween Treats.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

LA Dunn is a plant-based advocate who is always on the look out for fun and new ways to put more plants on her plate. She also has a sweet tooth and will absolutely be raiding her daughter’s trick or treat bag looking for the plant-based treats.

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