How to Make Sugar Cookies for an Anytime Sweet Treat

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The very notion of making healthier food choices almost always cancels sweet treats like sugar cookies. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. I’m a real wife and mom with a real 11-year old. There are just times when we need and want a sweet treat. Full stop. 

When I first learned about inflammation in my body, it was shocking. I considered myself fairly healthy. I had no idea that some of my favorite foods were causing the daily aches and pains that plagued me for over a year.  But once I started removing sugar, dairy and meat from my diet, I began to feel better. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t make sugar cookies for my daughter.

tray of sugar cookies
Sprinkles make everything fun!

I am doing the best I can daily. That’s why I created Black Girls Eat. I wanted to create a platform for honesty about what making healthier food choices looks like in real life. Sugar cookies made at home make me far less nervous than the ones on the shelf in the market. I rationalize the request by taking comfort in the fact that I am in control of the ingredients. 

My daughter is fully aware of the dangers of too much sugar. I recently heard her talking about diabetes in kids and Black people in particular. So that’s why she knows that when mom says okay to baking sugar cookies, it’s really a special treat. 

Our recipe is simple and kid friendly. I love to see her using the hand mixer. It’s also so cute to see how she carefully places her sprinkles on each sugar cookie. Because my daughter has a nut allergy,  I swapped out traditional butter for one made with oat milk. Have fun making your cookies!

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