Outstanding Vegan Pepper Jack Melt with Spinach and Peppers

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Pepper jack cheese was always one of my faves. I truly loved the combination of spices. It was always like a nice surprise in my sandwich. This was especially true whenever I made a grilled cheese sandwich or if I melted it on a bagel.

Those were the good old days. I was a cheesaholic so taking a step away from the cheese board and pepper jack cheese was not easy. It’s not like I can never have cheese. It’s just that these days, I’m paying attention to how dairy makes my body feel. I also had to get real about how much saturated fat and cholesterol is in certain cheeses.

Woman enjoying pepper jack cheese sandwich

I Found a Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese

Food products have come a long way since the launch of Black Girls Eat back in 2018. I hated all vegan cheeses. I decided that I would rather eat the real thing before choosing a substitute. But things are changing. I was really excited about the way the Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Cheese tasted.

We love coming up with sandwich ideas. But we also really love great bread. I live in a city that makes choosing a bakery very hard! This sandwich melt gets some extra love from spinach and roasted red peppers. Choose a nice baguette, ciabatta or even focaccia.

More Reasons to Love This Sandwich

  • Roasted Red Peppers are heart healthy and rich in Vitamin C. They are also low in calories and offer a good amount of Vitamin A.
  • Spinach is nutrient dense and offers a great amount of calcium, magnesium and iron. It also prevents cancer, reduces blood sugar and is anti-inflammatory.

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