The Best Miso Soup and Wonton Crisps Recipe + Video

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Miso soup is a favorite in my house. Right after she celebrated her 4th birthday, our daughter fell in love with Asian food. A restaurant in our neighborhood still offers old school service. We love the comfy booths, hot tea and of course chop sticks. You actually have to ask for a fork and a knife. Taryn loved ordering noodles and scooping them up with her child sized chop sticks.

Miso Soup in Japan my daughter was five, we went to Japan to visit my sister. The trip was incredible. We appreciated all of the food and the culture. It was fun to compare the taste Bronx Japanese dishes to those in Osaka. We still laugh when we think about our adventures on the Shinkansen. The bullet train was indeed faster than our NYC subway. We ate Udon noodles daily. I recently found the miso paste and seaweed in the supermarket. Taryn was home with a sore throat and this was a perfect remedy. It was a great departure from our usual chicken broth approach. Seaweed is a nutrient rich superfood. A warm bowl of miso soup was the perfect way to say, I love you. The wonton crisps helped too!

LA Dunn is a plant based advocate and still deeply devoted to New Edition and Ronnie Devoe. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own miso soup.

Watch the Video

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