Brussels Sprouts to Make a Skeptic Fall in Love

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Brussels sprouts are not the most hated vegetable in America. They are the most hated right behind turnips, beets and radishes. Shocking right? I am a skeptic too! I’m not the only one who grew up hating sprouts. But I can’t honestly tell you why. My mom never made them. I think it I picked up the idea that they were horrible somewhere on television.

Brussels sprouts look like baby cabbages. They are small, green and crunchy. I like cabbage. I especially like cabbage that has been cooked down with salt and pepper. I’ve even enjoyed shredded cabbage in salads and in coleslaw. But back to the sprouts. They somehow never made it inside of my grocery cart until a couple of years ago.

Brussels Sprouts on a stalk

Where Do Brussels Sprouts Come From?

What’s in a name? Sprouts come from the city they originated in. Yes, that would mean that Brussels Sprouts come from Brussels as in Belgium. That “s” at the end means they belong to that city. Even though I’d considered myself a foodie, I had never actually held one in my hand. When I first started visiting farmers’ markets, I discovered that sprouts grew on a stalk. That was a real eye opener for me and a great indication that I had lots to learn about fruits and vegetables.

Roasted Please!

I had great fun bringing stalks home and roasting them in the oven. That absolutely would not have happened if I had not started getting serious about adding more plants to my plate and focusing in on plant-based nutrition. The truth is, I actually never roasted anything except potatoes before. What makes this recipe so amazing is how the balsamic and the honey blend together with the crunch of the Brussels Sprouts. I even like to add a little red pepper flakes just before I place them on the table.

Brussels sprouts on a marble tray

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