Avocado Ice Cream Pops Plant Based And Easy To Make

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Avocado ice cream. Yep, my brain still can’t understand it. It’s like when I first heard back to the future. Huh? If you have been hanging out with me then you know my story. If we are just meeting, let me give you the quick rundown. I am on a plant-based journey. I am a plant-based advocate. That means I’m encouraging more people to put more plants on their plates. Except that the avocado is really a fruit so in this case, I’m advocating for non-traditional fruits in our dessert.

Getting To Know The Avocado

The avocado is truly versatile. First found in Mexico and eventually made its way to California in 1856. Healthy fats and a generous offering of potassium along with vitamins B, K, E and C make it a go to for vegans and vegetarians alike. The avocado is also accessible. It is one of the most popular fruits in the world. That is why the logo for Black Girls Eat includes an avocado in the image. I wanted a logo that was all at once global, healthy and easily accessible. That versatility makes it the perfect main ingredient for avocado ice cream. The smooth and creamy texture combined with coconut cream is a prescription for cold silky goodness.

Avocado Ice Cream Is A Real Thing

Once I started adding avocados to my smoothies, it wasn’t hard to make the leap to ice cream. Like the banana, the avocado can bring a smoothie together. I didn’t expect to create a non-dairy treat with avocado but I’m glad that I did. It’s nice to be able to have time to make avocado ice cream. If I didn’t have the time, one quick trip to the supermarket would solve that problem. The ice cream section looks so different today. There are dozens of so-called “Nice Creams” on the shelf. You can find ice cream made from coconut, cashews and even oat milk.

Let me add a gentle reminder. If you are leaning into whole foods plant based nutrition, you are more than likely leaning away from processed foods. So while the selections of nice creams available to us have increased, we still have to read the labels. How much sodium? And what about added sugar? How many ingredients? What I love about making something like avocado ice cream pops at home is that it takes 4 ingredients: avocados, coconut cream a kiss honey and a dash of lime. For me, the trick to eating well is to choose the best ingredients I can afford and to keep it simple.

Plant-Based Advocate, LA Dunn of Black Girls Eat

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Summer in my house means lots of frozen treats. We make these avocado ice cream pops often. Check out the recipe and feel free to create your own version. I dusted mine with cocoa powder. Maybe I’ll add shredded coconut to the pops next time.

LA Dunn is a plant-based advocate who gave away her air fryer because she couldn’t figure out how to cook anything with it. Stay connected. Subscribe to updates below. Shop here for Black Girls Eat merch and if you have 20 minutes, listen to an episode of The Black Girls Eat Podcast.

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