Best Homemade Pancake Mix for the Ultimate Brunch

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Homemade. Yup. The very word makes me think of my family. There was a time in my life when almost everything I bought was pre-packaged. I was the Queen of just add water and stir. Once I started leaning into a plant-based lifestyle, it changed the way I cooked. I started looking at ingredients. Then, I really started reading labels. I still buy some pre-packaged or ready to mix items but for the most part, I am enjoying making homemade meals.

woman sifting flour for homemade pancake mix

My Pancakes Needed A Boost

I’ll admit it. Pancakes are not high on the list of healthy meals. But it is high on the list for Saturday or Sunday Brunch around my house. I used to make them with white flour, eggs and butter. Then we would pour a criminal amount of maple syrup on top. So I learned to make them with a nutritional boost. That just means that I added protein powder and I serve them with fresh fruit toppings and nuts. Those three moves mean more fiber, protein and vitamins for the family.

So that’s how I do it. I am a plant-based advocate. I get excited at the thought of Black women adding more plants to their plate. That probably means that everyone that they love will do the same. Yeah…we have that kind of influence! We are the home of homemade food!

Homemade is Way Better Than The Box

For years, my pancake mix came out of a box. All you had to do was add a little water. Sometimes I had the one that required milk and eggs. Both times, I was never really sure of the ingredients found in the box. That’s what made me want to make my own pancake mix. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t intimidated. Making homemade pancakes sounded like something that should only happen with skilled artisans.

But, I was wrong. All it took was a few simple ingredients. It’s a shame that I wasted so many years not being in control of my own homemade pancake destiny. This recipe takes minutes to make and I never have any leftovers. I am using oat milk and a plant-based butter. No judgement here. I am not holding anything against anyone who enjoys dairy. If I can skip it, then I do. These pancakes are yummy either way. Enjoy your power packed pancake mix!

LA is a plant-based advocate who swaps out dairy products whenever she can. She enjoys the fact that no one in her house never really notices. If you want to learn the basics about plant-based nutrition, sign up for the easy 5 day email class: Introduction to Plant-Based Nutrition. While you are here, visit the Black Girls Eat Online Shop. Feel like keeping in touch? Sign up below for updates. 

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