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Warm Spinach and Mushroom Salad for an Easy Lunch


Spinach is almost always in my fridge. It’s my favorite leafy green veggie and I like it hot or cold. I woke up late today and panicked. I went to bed and forgot to put lunch together. Can you relate? I just did not want to go to the office and order fast food. Thank goodness for spinach.... Read More

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Cranberry Sauce


Did you grow up with the cylinder of cranberry sauce on the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas? It wiggled like an older version of jello. I loved that it was all at once tangy and sweet. We used to slice it according to the lines on it from being in the can forever. It was tradition. We... Read More

Extra! NYC’s New Mayor is a Plant-Based Advocate


Mayoral races in NYC run from cool to hot. Sometimes everyone really cares and sometimes no one is really paying attention. Well, I was definitely paying attention this year because NYC Mayor Eric Adams is all about that plant-based life. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mayor Adams has had a steady rise in NYC politics. He is... Read More

Five Fabulous Vegans to Follow on World Vegan Day


Vegans unite! World vegan day is here so who’s having a meatless Monday? Yes, meatless monday is a real thing! Started in 1994, the global celebration is the perfect day to choose to add more plants to your plate. Not sure if you want to go vegan forever? So how about choosing one day during the week... Read More

Five Halloween Recipes to Make you Scream!


Halloween recipes are everywhere and thank goodness. Each year, I look for ideas to shock and amaze my family. I love watching their faces when they walk into the dining room. There is something about this holiday that brings out the boo factor in all of us. The truth is, I started making weird and wacky Halloween... Read More

Bow Tie Pasta Made Wonderful with Spinach and Mushrooms


Do people say bow tie pasta because it’s easier to say than farfalle pasta? I love that farfalle means butterfly in Italian. This is one of my favorite pastas to use when making a salad. It’s just so pretty! I was inspired to create this dish while attending a birthday party. One of the guests arrived with... Read More

Our Top Five After School Snacks Found at Costco


After school is that block of time between pickup and putting our key in the door. Depending on NYC traffic, that can take up to an hour. When our daughter was younger, you could satisfy her with a juice box and a handful of saltines. Those days are over. She is growing up and as a result,... Read More

Easy Egg Frittata Recipe for your Girlfriends or Anytime!


Make this easy egg Frittata recipe and enjoy a lazy weekend with friends. Frittata might be tricky to spell but it is really easy to make. I got fancy! It sounds so fancy! I spent most of my life eating eggs scrambled or boiled.I’m told that frittata mostly translates from Italian to English as the word “fried.”... Read More

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