5 Black Owned Businesses For Us To Love In 2024

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Black owned businesses always get a spotlight during Black History Month. The reality is that these businesses deserve love all year long. So many operate with fewer than ten employees. They are the very definition of small business. As daunting as it might be, an estimated 161,031 Black or African American-owned businesses were in operation in 2022, with $183.3 billion in annual receipts. According to USA Today, that’s up from 140,918 in 2020.

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As a plant-based advocate and small business owner, I always have my pom-poms in the air for the dreamers. Black history month is the perfect time to lift up and celebrate the culture. So without any more from me, here are 5 Black owned businesses to love this month and all year long.


Adolophine’s objective is to bridge the gap between Africa’s cultures and consumers. I have shopped here and love their mission. Much respect to the artisans who create stunning jewelry, accessories and more. Shop Adolophine

Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm

The Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm is a family and black owned business that began with a move to the suburbs. Looking to find a solution for Zach, their youngest child, parents Kam and Summer started learning about the power of raw honey and its impact on asthma and allergies. Years later, their son got better, they did the research and with the support of their beekeeping friends, they launched their business. Shop Zach & Zoë

Sybil The Fragrance Creator

I had the privilege of meeting Sybil last year and I loved the fragrance she created for me. Her approach and bright personality make her a fan favorite whenever she is in the room. Custom scents never go out of style. Shop Fragranceastrology

Actively Black

Nothing says Black owned business like Actively Black. The company is the vision of former professional basketball player Lanny Smith. The company mission is to uplift and re-invest back into the Black community and the clothes are the uniform for the movement. Shop Actively Black


Honeypot owner Beatrice Dixon is on a mission to become the largest personal care brand on the planet. Sealing a deal for $380 million which allows her to remain CEO and keep her leadership team sounds like phase one of the plan is in place. Feminine care products that feature plant-based ingredients is always a winner to me. Shop The Honeypot

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