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These Awesome Beet Recipes May Make You Remix Your Plate


Beets never made it to my grocery list. Not when I had my first apartment and shopping was an olympic sport. Not even when I grew up and my palate had become what I considered sophisticated. Beets were on the no-go list along with asparagus and the brussels sprout. Beets did not inspire. It didn’t help that... Read More

Easy Fonio Recipe Could Make You Cheat on Quinoa


Fonio was a last minute discovery. Pronounced Phon-yo, the package caught my eye because there was a map of Africa on the front of the bag. So the backstory is that I was shopping online for a few items to restock my pantry. We were out of quinoa and that signaled an emergency. Ever since I started... Read More

Make Easy Vegan Tostada Snacks For The Whole Family


Tostadas are popular in my house because we all have different personalities. My husband loves the savory. My daughter loves the sweet. I love to lay a bunch of toppings out on the table just to see what they will do. We are a house of snackers so making tostadas is a great way to satisfy everyone’s... Read More

How to Make Your First Awesome Vegan Easter Dinner


There was a time when Easter meant a feast of meats. We decked out our annual dinner table with ham, roasted chicken and lamb chops. We were carnivores and the more meat dripping in butters, sugars and gravies the better. But things are different now. We don’t cook that way any more. When I started leaning into... Read More

Get Ready For The 2021 Great American Meat Out


And just like that I discovered another national holiday. The Great American Meat Out was created by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) in an effort to encourage everyone to go vegan for a day. Oh yeah, it’s been thing since 1985 and since then people from all around the world have participated. Similar to Veganuary, which... Read More

Easy Red Beans and Rice Recipe For Anytime


Red beans and rice is one of those side dishes that appears visually intricate but always tastes simple yet delicious. I am a recovering carnivore. I never imagined a time when my red beans would not be simmering with seasonings, peppers and lots of sausage. Remixing my plate means leaning away from animal products. I’m having fun... Read More

Rheumatologist Wants A Focus on Heart Health Every Day


February is over but let us not forget that heart disease and strokes are the number one killer of women.  Be vigilant all year. Since we have just started National Women’s Month, it’s the perfect time to hear from Dr. Maggie Cadet. If you know my journey into the world of plant-based nutrition then you know it... Read More

The Courage to Dream


Host and plant based advocate LA Dunn spends time with Nikki Glover, CEO of The Courageous Spoon, an intimate catering business she founded in order to pursue her dreams.  Nikki shares her journey as a business woman and how she and her husband fought Covid-19 with a plant powered punch.  Check out this episode! Read More

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